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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Those reindeer, er, kitty cat games

Christmas brings all sorts of excitement for our cats. They really have no concept of presents, even though they have an adorable stocking of their own that will be filled with some toys and maybe a can of tuna.

Their excitement comes from having a Christmas tree in the living room.

No, they don't climb it. (We broke Doogie of that habit his first Christmas through the use of the Evil Bicycle Horn. Great cat discipline tool!) They hide under it. They think it's great for games of chase or fishing pole. They can hide under it, then mount a surprise attack.

But they also enjoy for their toys to hide under the tree skirt. Here they're enjoying a game of catnip fish:

You can see their intense focus, as they are aware that their fishy is under the tree skirt.

Doogie going after it:

Calvin readying himself to mount an attack:

Of course, sometimes we have problems with the tree. Like the year I accidentally smacked their fishing pole into the tree, Calvin took a leap after it, landed in the tree, and knocked out a bunch of ornaments, breaking one in the process. Or things like last night's mishap where Doogie threw up near the tree skirt, then Calvin walked by and proceeded to bury it under the skirt, making an even greater mess for me to clean up.

Life with cats is always interesting.


AnneK said...

Look at the concentration!! It is so cute!!!

Ann said...

That's so cute! We had a cat when I was a kid, he used to grab all the ornaments off the lower part of the tree and hide them behind the couch.

Cathy VanPatten said...

Too funny!! As if their very lives depended on them locating and subduing the catnip fish!

Shelly doesn't even try to climb the tree. I think she knows she's too zaftig to even make the attempt. But she does like to sit beneath its boughs. I think she is pretending that she is queen of the forest--like an alpine cat or something!