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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catnip Fish

As with many of their toys, the catnip fish I made for the boys was lost, and then it resurfaced. They like for their toys to "hide," which really just means that Ruf and I are constantly having to dig them out from wherever they shoved them.

While cutting out the fleece material for making a stuffed cat for my youngest niece, I realized that one of the pieces looked a bit like a fish. That gave me inspiration to sew up a fish and stuff it with batting and catnip for our cats to enjoy. (It was also an easy thing to try out with this sewing machine I've never used before! My sewing skills are minimal.)

I drew a fish-shaped template, cut it out, pinned it to fabric, cut that out, sewed most of it up, stuffed it with catnip and batting, then finished it off. It's not pretty, but my cats don't care. They've been having a blast kicking it around and flinging it into the air. I tried to get a picture of them enjoying it, but as soon as I whip out the camera, the fun stops and they refuse to cooperate. But here's the fish:

I think I'll make a few more to put in their Christmas stocking since the new scratching post I bought for them won't fit.

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