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Monday, November 5, 2007

Poor Ruf

I had my annual appointment with my rheumatologist today. A few years ago, I was horribly sick, and it was looking like I might have lupus. I got better (we think it was a severe reaction to a freon leak in our house), but I still have to see the rheumatologist annually to be checked out. I possess several of the markers for lupus, so I'm considered at risk.

I bruise easily. Very easily. I almost always have a variety of bruises on my body at any given time. Problem is, I don't know how I get most of them. I happen to possess a doozy of a bruise on my forearm today, which my doctor asked about. (As usual, I have no idea how I got it.) And I know he had to have seen the one near my ankle since he had to examine my ankles due to morning stiffness in them.

He asked me if my husband beats me.

I quickly and firmly assured him that he doesn't. Ruf wouldn't ever lay a hand on me. EVER. Anyone who knows him would probably find the question laughable because he's such a kind person. I think the doctor was really just duty-bound to inquire because for some women, it would be the case. He did go on to mention that my low platelets (a previous, sometimes-recurring problem for me) could be to blame.

But I think Ruf's feelings were hurt when I told him about it. I guess no man wants another man to think he could be capable of hurting his wife. The doctor has never even met him, so it's nothing personal. But I still think it hurt him a bit.


Beth said...

My sister had lupus (she now tests negative and has no symptoms) and she bruised like a peach. In high school, years before she was diagnosed, she would often wake up with new bruises. She usually didn't know how she got these bruises. And if there was an injury, boy! what a bruise she would get. Much larger than your average person would get from bumping into something.

Ann said...

I hope you don't have lupus!

Yeah, doctors often ask basic questions like, "Do you feel safe" etc, even at routine appointments.

AnneK said...

I missed so many of your posts. I don't know how since I read your blog every day! Congratulations on getting published and you should share on your blog the story you got published in chicken soup. That would be great.

Hope you are doing ok now with regard to your health.