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Friday, November 30, 2007

Chimney Critter Situation

A few people have asked for updates. I just don't have one. When Ruf got home, it was dark, so he couldn't go up on the roof to look. He thought it sounded like it was way up in the chimney, whereas I thought it sounded like it was ready to fall into our fireplace. He's much better at determining where sounds are coming from, so his judgement on that is likely the better one.

We were so crazy-busy all day today, and we heard nothing up there. I'd forgotten about it, actually with all the activity. My hope is that whatever it is managed to get out. Maybe Ruf will have a chance to get up there on Sunday to have a look. (We'll be busy all day Saturday with a parade, lunch with the stormtroopers, some TV spots, then Ruf's company's holiday party that night. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!)

I can't stand the idea of an animal suffering, so I really hope this has a positive outcome!

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Ann said...

I feel bad about my comment to start a fire, I was teasing. I bet it's a bird or a bat flapping around in there. Maybe the chimney cleaning guy could come extract it. If it gets caught in there and dies, I wonder if it'll start to get smelly.