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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Early Wednesdays

Something happened to our youth group this summer. Something strange, yet wonderful. They bonded.

Yes, that's what they should do and how it should be in a perfect world, but the longer I work with youth, the more I realize just how rare and unusual this is. They support each other. They attend each other's games and plays and choir concerts. They help each other. Just the other night, I heard one of the high school boys giving basketball-tryout advice and encouragement to a middle schooler. They pray for each other and call when someone hasn't been seen for a while.

Because we don't have Wednesday-night church, in order to stay in touch throughout the week, the kids now meet for breakfast on Wednesday mornings. They meet at a local doughnut shop at 7:15am.

For this night owl who has no children or job outside the home, 7:15 is hard. Sometimes I just don't make it, especially if I've done battle with a migraine the night before. But when I can, I'm there. It's crazy-early, but I've discovered that it's really a wonderful way to start the day. It never ceases to amaze me just how many of the kids faithfully show up every week. They forego extra sleep to spend time together and have a short devotional.

I truly feel blessed and privileged to know these kids and spend time with them.


truth said...

That is so exciting!

Ann said...

That is absolutely AWESOME.

Ruthie said...

Thats sweet. :) I was in a similar group in high school at my church but it got, um... dramatic. :) Try to keep your kids hormones in check! hee hee

Jen said...

Teenagers will amaze you at times, won't they? Sure, they have their immature moments but give them a chance and they will show their devotion and courage all the time. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful group to work with. You are such an inspiration. God bless and keep you and your husband.