Married to the Empire

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cats + Box = Free Entertainment

I had to fashion a box in order to send my bloggy giveaway item. Those action figures were in an unusually-long box, and they didn't fit into any standard boxes we had. Ruf found a long, narrow box in the attic for me, and I set to work cutting it down to fit the figures.

What I was left with was a long-ish, narrow box with open ends. The cats have turned this into their personal play tunnel. Add their favorite fishing-pole toy, and it's an exciting game of "hunt the prey." Apparently, it's also great for sneak attacks on each other.

Oh, and I discovered that I seem to be able to speak cat. Lately, Calvin has been chattering a lot during the day. I've noticed that he mostly does it when he has Doogie pinned to the floor, so I think he's trash talking during their games of chase. I was imitating the chattering meows for Ruf, and both cats popped their heads up, looked at me, then ran over to me. I guess I was saying something in their language; I just wish I knew what it was!


AnneK said...

Well if they popped their heads up and looked at you, I think it was something bad...Furry things are rather cute, aren't they?

Ann said...

Oh how fun! I love the names for your cats, too. Don't you wonder what they're thinking and saying to each other?