Married to the Empire

Friday, November 2, 2007

I've had an idea

Last night in our church small group, our hostess was asking the young lady who used to be in our youth group how it's going living in her own apartment now. She wanted to know if she's doing much cooking. She said no; she mostly just eats things like canned soup. I told her I'd give her some super easy recipes. I love to cook, and I have several easy things that are a cinch to throw together, and even the most inexperienced cook can make them.

That got me thinking that a recipe book of simple recipes might make a really nice high school graduation gift. I'm always scrambling for things to give kids, and we definitely receive graduation announcements since we work with the youth at church. As a one-income family, we don't usually have a lot of cash for multiple gifts, which leads to that scrambling problem I previously mentioned. Most kids won't need that right away since they typically live in the dorms or at home that first year, but eventually, they move out into their first apartments and need to start feeding themselves.

I love it when solutions just seem to fall into my lap like that!


carrie said...


That is a good idea--thanks for sharing!

Abzdragon said...

I would love that cookbook! I am a college student and I spend tons of time trying to come up with CHEAP dinner solutions for me and my fiance... I am pretty good at it, mb I could contribute haha!

Ann said...

That is a great idea! And they'll think of you everytime they use it :)