Married to the Empire

Monday, November 19, 2007

Lab Results

I called my rheumatologist this morning to get my lab results from my visit 2 weeks ago. Everything was normal, but I had a positive ANA again. (That's one of the blood markers for lupus.) However, the DNA was normal, so it looks like I'll not be diagnosed with lupus for another year. That's good news!

Even better, I've had no new bruising in the past couple of weeks, which is nothing short of miraculous. God is good!


AnneK said...

I haven't been "visiting" for a week now. I was away. I am just catching up on your posts. Glad to know about your test results. I hope that things will be ok with you soon and you won't have any bruising anymore.

Connie said...

So glad that your ANA test is ok for another year. I, too, have the positive markers for Lupus and get very anxious waiting for my test results. Hope you are feeling better.

Ruthie said...

I know you don't want to hear this, especially with a meat-loving husband, but a low-fat vegan diet has been shown to help with lupus.

Just thought I'd throw that out for ya. I bruise easily around "that-time-of-the-month" or whenever I'm living off potato chips and diet coke because I'm too obsessed with something to take care of myself (lately). I always freak out at my bruisey legs and arms and Russell says "Ah, just tell people I beat you." Total joke though, if anyone actually thought that he'd probably cry. :)


Ewokgirl said...

Admittedly, we don't want to go vegan, but I am interested in eating more vegetarian meals. We've been going meatless a lot more often lately, much to Ruf's chagrin. (Although I did discover that cumin seems to be the magic spice that makes him not miss the meat so much.)

It's definitely something to look into, though.