Married to the Empire

Thursday, November 29, 2007

My life is rarely dull

I think people assume that being a stay-at-home wife is pretty dull. Running errands, cleaning house, cooking, and doing laundry doesn't exactly sound like anything of interest. And really, it's pretty much not.

But then there are days like today.

I've been instant messaging with Ruf in a bit of a panic because something has fallen down our chimney. The cats set up vigil by the fireplace because we can all hear something frantically scrabbling around in there. Ruf told me to open the flue to let whatever is in there fall into the fireplace. (EEK!) He also said to tie the glass doors on the fireplace shut so that nothing can get out. I did all that, but nothing has happened, so far. I can still hear the critter panicking in there (and I'm panicking out here!), but whatever it is, it's still hanging on in the chimney.

The next-door neighbors have started work on a pool installation today. The trucks are out there digging up their yard. I can TASTE the dirt in my house. I have this absurdly-acute sense of smell. My husband calls it my Super Nose, and he jokes that I can smell through steel. One of my friends likes to say that the drug-sniffing dog at the airport is sick, and they need me to fill in for him. Sadly, I probably could smell the drugs, if I only knew what they smelled like! Now, my Super Nose is so filled with the scent of freshly-dug, moist earth that it's at the back of my throat, and it doesn't taste good!

Ruf just commented that I have interesting days.


Lacie said...

I'm curious to know how the chimney critter situation turned out. What was in there? Did it finally fall? Did it burst through the closed doors and run around the house like a maniac? Did you have to carefully capture it while slowly opening the doors? See - I have lots of questions. And I need answers!

Beth said...

We once had a bird come down our chimney. It nearly gave me a heart attack. My dad was here and caught it in one of my kids' bug nets, ha. It made it out alive, and my cat slept through the entire ordeal.

Let us know how your chimney experience ends!!

AnneK said...

You do seem to have interesting days! My sense of smell is pretty good too though I wonder if it's as good as yours. Recently in our house a creature (not sure what) died INSIDE the walls and the stink nearly killed us. We could not take the drywall out and so we lived with it 3-4 days. It was awful!

Ann said...

You could just start a fire up...that'd take care of it.

Just kidding! That would be cruel.