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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas with friends

Friday night we celebrated Christmas with our regular social group. Steven and I have no children, and amazingly there are several other couples at our church who are childless. Even more amazing is that we've bonded with all of them, and we're all great friends! The Lord truly answered a big prayer for us 6 years ago when we found this church. (Not that we're against being with people with kids, but when you have none of your own, your lifestyle tends to be a bit different.)

We spent the evening at the home of Sandy and Glenn, our Canadian friends. We have 4 other couples with whom we hang out, and all of us were able to make it last night.

Karen and Dan:

Marylou (with Thunder the Cat):

Marylou, John, Glenn, and Stan:

Michelle fell asleep by the fire (I just love this picture!):

Sandy with Sable the Masked Bandit:

I tried getting a picture of Sable with that bow around her neck. She looked so pretty, but she squirmed so much that the picture came out blurry. What did turn out, though, is a little more true-to-life: cat desperate to get out of bow around neck.

These are the wonderful people who received all that bread I baked on Friday.

Oh, one last picture. This was just too sweet a photo op not to take the picture. Thunder Cat under the Christmas tree:


AnneK said...

I do agree. Couples without kids lifestyle and dynamics is a little different. Glad you had such a good time.

Ann said...

Oh what a fun time! I really like that fire place picture too, heehee! Actually, that's one of my favorite places to be is right in front of the fire place.

Beth said...

Those cats are so pretty! I remember being a young married couple without kids... enjoy it!

MiKing said...

We are truly blessed by God to have you in our lives. Only a gracious and merciful God could bring together sucha group.

BTW, the pumpkin bread is fantastic...especially with a gingerbread latte |:)'

LOL - Mi (the sleeping angel)