Married to the Empire

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Letters to Santa

I'm short on time lately for multiple reasons, so I decided that today's post would simply lead you to some fun reading. The Dallas Morning News today published several local kids' letters to Santa. They range from cute and sweet to heartbreaking to laugh-out-loud funny. There's a kid demanding an elf for Christmas, and another kid who tries hard to proselytize Santa. Enjoy!


AnneK said...

That was funny!!!

Briskee said...

Hi E-girl..good hearing from you and I absolutely LOVE your blog. Jill and I were talking about you the other much we miss you guys. I will keep up with your blogs and would like to read from the beginning, so I have some work to do. :) For security reasons, I can't look at it from work (blocked); but I found a way through the back door, being the business nerd that I am.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love ya,

Brian & Jill

Ewokgirl said...

Hey, y'all!!!

Yeah, we definitely have to get together, or at least talk on the phone. I have a billion questions after seeing your Christmas letter. Like, who has Hershey? And what is this about a new house?

Mama said...

This is a test.