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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cat Card

This is one of the quick cards I made for our catsitters who watched our furbabies while we were away at youth camp. Having friends who love our cats and are willing to drug Calvin while we're away is truly priceless.

I'm pleased to report that Calvin was a very good boy while were away. He didn't pee on anything, and I was told that he was very patient with his aunties while they attempted to drug him. (One of his pills is a full-sized capsule. You have to aim just right to get it down his throat; it's an acquired skill.)

Doogie was his usual sweet self, and he played with his sitters and gave them lots of purrs and nudges. Seriously, we never worry about him while we're away. He's our easy boy.

Both cats were very glad when we returned, though. Calvin didn't leave my side for a couple of days, and Doogie, who isn't much of a talker, yelled at me quite a bit to remind me that he missed Mail Time while we were away, and he wanted it back! (He's goes outside with me for the mail almost every day.)

It's good to be home.

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Beth said...

I love that card! Those cat stamps are adorable!!! Glad to hear the boys behaved while you were away. ;)