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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Organizing the Food

I mentioned last week that I found some wooden flowers tucked away in the back of a closet when I was reorganizing it. It was a nice frugal find, which is a good thing because nothing else I'm about to show you is frugal in any way!

My pantry is minuscule, so all overflow goes out to a shelf in the garage. Problem is, that shelf is very deep and a bit high for me. My food was stacked and stored precariously. I had a hard time seeing what I had, and reaching for stuff in the back often caused an avalanche of canned goods in the front.

This wasn't working for me, so I went to The Container Store for some solutions. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with, as I can now see and reach everything I have. (Everything is from The Container Store, except the stacked wire bins. Those were purchased at Walmart.)

Steven pointed out that I was losing some space, as I didn't have everything pushed up against the back of the wall. But I do like things within my reach, since I'm the cook around here. I did make use of the space at the back that can be reached from the side. It's a great place for Kleenex.

Yes, I am fully aware of the irony of spending a ton of money at The Container Store in order to efficiently store food bought on sale.

I opted to add tiered shelves in the kitchen cabinet that holds my spices. They're easier to reach now, as you can see from the before and after shots.

Oh, and that closet that once held the flowers? It's more spacious now with a few small tweaks.

I love having things more accessible, visible, and spacious!

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Sue said...

I am swooning over your gorgeous organized pantry and tiered spice cabinet! Looks like something out of a magazine!
I would love to go to The Container Store. Not sure where the closest one is...I may have to look into this...