Married to the Empire

Monday, July 27, 2009


Saturday while at Steven's parents' house to celebrate his birthday (he turned 36 on Sunday!), his mom mentioned to Steven's niece and me that she has a bunch of ribbon that we were more than welcome to go through and help ourselves to. As our niece and I are both crafters, we both jumped on that offer!

I like ribbon for some of my cards, but I also love to use real ribbon on presents. So much prettier. I like fatter ribbons, which is good, because our niece was eyeing the thinner ones. (She sews some really cute soft toys and doll clothes.) It worked out nicely that we weren't competing for the same stuff.

I came home with all this:


Some of it appears to be vintage, although I have no idea just how old (or not) it actually is:

My MIL was thrilled to clean out some of her stuff and give it to people who will use it. We were more than happy to help! Of course, Steven pretty much just rolled his eyes, as I already have an obscene amount of ribbon, but there's always some use for it.


Amy W said...

Kind of like when my MIL offered us her apple corer, peeler, slicer gadget. Yes, I'll take it!!!! I think I've used it once....but it's here if I need it, LOL!

lizzykristine said...

I like wrapping presents with genuine ribbon, too! I need to find a cheap source like you just did. :)

Sue said...

What an awesome haul!
I love using ribbon on presents, too...we have a store around here that has a HUGE ribbon selection (you can buy it by the foot) and often has 1/2 off ribbon sales. I love buying Christmas wrapping paper at a rock-bottom price directly after Christmas, and then waiting for a 50% off ribbon sale at Flowerland. But FREE is better than half-off! :-)

Heather said...

Going through all those ribbons was a fun time! I photographed my haul that day, too, but I did it a little differently. XD