Married to the Empire

Thursday, March 19, 2009


My boys are like actual siblings. If one gets something, the other has to have it, too. One cat can show absolutely no interest in something, but once the other one likes it, then the disinterested cat suddenly needs whatever it is. We've actually used this against them at times. For example, when Doogie had his teeth cleaned, along with a couple of extractions, the vet sent home some wet food for him to eat. He wouldn't touch it. However, Calvin was dying to have some. Once we let him eat it, Doogie decided it must be good, so he was suddenly shoving for his turn at the food bowl.

The latest brotherly obsession: The stormtrooper bag. Calvin decided a few days ago that lying on top of the upended bag is awesome. It's like a little kitty hammock or something:

Now Doogie also thinks it's a great place to be:

They've already started fighting over it.

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Becky said...

That's so cute! I've definitely notice that my kitties like to "be tall"!