Married to the Empire

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weekly Linking

I think throughout the duration of my tutoring time, I'll do a weekly post with some links that I found to be of interest. It takes a little bloggy pressure off of me. Self-imposed pressure, mind you, but pressure just the same.

I have Frugal Homemaker Plus to thank for leading me to Big Mama's blog and her post on contentment. I know that learning to be content is an ongoing issue for me. I found this to be a timely reminder.

Prodigal Jon gets serious and questions why we deem things merely good enough for the church. God speaks to artists and wants their best. This one really hit home with me I recently received an opportunity to write for a ministry, and I've done nothing so far. I consider this a much-needed kick in the pants!

J.D. asks his readers if pets are worth the money. I think my regular readers know what my response is to that question!

Y'all know I love crafty things. I own a ton of craft books, including one on making soap, not that I've done a thing with it. Amy W. on the other hand has done plenty with soapmaking! Her blog is a neat place to check out the beautiful soaps she creates.

Since I'm married to a stormtrooper and live in a house filled with Star Wars stuff, I always get a kick out of the Star Wars Crafts site. It's a fun place to spend a little time looking at the creativity spawned by the the Star Wars movies and books.


Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

Thanks for mentioning me when you cited Big Mama. Big Mama is one of my new favorite blogs. :)

Amy W said...

Aw, thanks for the mention. I'll warn you, if you ever start soapmaking it's very addicting!!