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Monday, March 30, 2009

Youth Leadership

I really do count it as such privilege to work with the youth at my church. They're such a fun bunch, and they constantly surprise and impress me.

One of our 9th graders asked Steven last week if he could teach our Sunday morning small group yesterday. Of course, Steven said yes. We've always encouraged letting the kids teach whenever they've asked. It hasn't happened often, but when it has, it's always been a blessing to us and to their fellow students. This young man taught our middle schoolers yesterday about being Christian leaders in their schools. He asked them to say whom they considered leaders within our youth group, then asked why. Each kid named someone different, which I found interesting. He had them discuss ways they could profess their Christianity and encourage others. Our kids were totally engaged in this discussion. I think it always helps to have a different perspective than just that of the adults all the time.

This group of kiddos blessed me this weekend, too:

Okay, the one on the far right isn't a kid; he's our youth/worship pastor. But the other three are youth. All have expressed interest in music and are taking instrumental lessons. I love that they're now helping to lead the music in youth on Sunday nights. I'm all about kids using their talents, especially if it's in service to the Lord. They all sounded quite good, so I'm that much more impressed.

I really enjoy seeing our kids grow and mature in their faith. Even better is when I get to see them actually using their gifts to reach out to others!

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