Married to the Empire

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Few Interesting Links

I'm still sick, tutoring, and trying to deal with my mess of a house. (Why is it that when you're too sick to do housework, the clutter and mess seems to quadruple?) So, instead of boring you with not much to say, I figured I'd give you a few of the links I've found interesting this week.

For the crafty side of life, I love these edge-punched cards from Martha Stewart's website. Even though I'd vowed to myself that I wouldn't buy any new crafting materials for a while, I found myself in Michael's buying some edge punchers. But at least they were on sale!

I think my cats would really enjoy this creative cat house, also from Martha. What a fun use for leftover boxes!

If you're into building dioramas, The Washington Post has a Peeps diorama contest going on right now. Whether you want to participate or not (I lean towards the or not), be sure to flip through the photo gallery of last year's top creations. Amazing what people can do with those nasty little marshmallow critters!

NOVA's Marathon Challenge is very interesting viewing about taking non-athletes and making them into Boston Marathon runners. For someone who doesn't exercise enough, it's definitely given me some motivation. My parents' treadmill, which they're giving to us, should help, too. Thanks to my friend Patti for alerting me to this fascinating program!


Rhonda in OK said...

hope you feel better soon!

Sue said...

I love the cat house. What fun one could have, personalizing the outside of the house (although it actually looks pretty sophisticated and streamlined unadorned).
Hope you're feeling better soon!

LLMajer said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care!