Married to the Empire

Friday, March 27, 2009

Night at the Improv

The Dorkside Comedy was back in town last night, and the stormtroopers were invited to attend again. I tagged along. After we ate dinner, the guys suited up and worked the crowd:

Steve Awesome was the emcee this time. He's always funny:

My stormtrooper forgot his contacts and couldn't see. He needed his glasses, but they can't be worn inside the helmet. Here's a rare glimpse of a suited up trooper without his helmet:

I took a new picture with my stormtrooper:

Imperial Guards are not just for the Emperor's protection; they're also great for holding pink purses:


Joy of Frugal Living said...

Cute pictures. :) Looks like you both had a bunch of fun.

Eliza28 said...

Now that's a Man! Holding a pink purse :)

Cute photos!!

A. said...

Looks like that red character is wearing matching pink shoes?