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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Transforming Goodwill Finds

I mentioned last week that I got bored at All-Con and headed out to a Goodwill that wasn't far from the hotel. I found an old, wooden cassette-tape holder for $1.99. A few days later I decided I wanted some baskets for my craft room for my paper punches. I went to the Goodwill near my home, and I found 5 baskets for $1.99 each. All of my finds were a tad bland, so I decided to give them some color. I started with primer:

Yes, I'm a very messy spray painter. Steven cringes when I decide to do it because I make a mess. When I painted my filing cabinet a fabulous shade of hot pink, I'd left our CRV in the garage, and it wound up with a light coating of pink paint. Thankfully, a run through the carwash took it all off! (Mama, you might not want to share that part with Daddy. I can already see him making pained faces.) I parked the car in the driveway this time.

After priming I painted everything a lovely turquoise blue (my craft room is white with accents of turquoise, hot pink, and lime green), then sprayed them with a glossy protective coating. I filled the tape holder with my inks. Unfortunately, most of my inks were too fat for the slots, so Steven had to yank out some of the slats for me. That's okay, though, because they seem to fit nicely with 2 stacked together. It works:

My craft punches are now more visible for me in their new baskets:

I can stack them, too, for more condensed storage:

I'm pleased with how it all turned out. However, I have to admit that the cost of it all isn't quite as low as you'd think for stuff found at Goodwill. Five baskets (1 is still empty) and a tape holder came to $12. Another $16 or so in painting supplies (1 can of primer, 2 cans of spray paint, 1 can of protective coating, and a super-cool trigger thing that makes spraying the paint easier and more comfortable), and I spent nearly $30 on all this storage stuff. Not super thrifty, but there is a cost to customization!

Now I just need to do some cleaning and organization in the craft room to figure out exactly where I want everything to go.


Amy W said...

I think they turned out fabulous!! I need to find some thrifty storage ideas for my office...

Thumperdd said...

Love what you did with your Goodwill finds! I find it hard to drive past a thrift store without stopping ing. As a matter of fact, I was there today and found several goodies.

Thanks for inspiring people to reuse and recycle goods!