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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Imperial Gladiators--Youth Edition

I've mentioned that Steven has been working hard on the Stormtrooper Olympics Imperial Gladiators event for All-Con, which is in less than 2 weeks. He needed to make sure all the games actually work, which means he needed a large group of guinea pigs. Lucky for us, we have have an entire youth group at our church who is more than happy to oblige. Instead of our typical Sunday night of singing and teaching, we had a game night. Virtually everyone showed up for this!

After some minor chaos, we got the kids set up to play Jedi Mine Field (I think that was the name.) Ten kids had foam lightsabers, but only 3 were Rebel spies. Each competitor had to try to get through the mine field without getting hit by a spy.

Next up was Capture the Princess. Our fearless youth leader was nominated by my husband to play the part of Princess Leia. As teenagers are random creatures, one girl just happened to be wearing a tiara that evening, and she loaned it to our youth minister to help him play the part a little better:

This game involved pairs of competitors trying to make it through the barriers without getting shot by the princess, who was armed with a nerf gun.

Finally, the last game involved teams of 3 trying to make it across to the other side without getting shot. This game involved something like 15 nerf guns, with the more powerful guns being in riskier spots. I stopped paying close attention at this point (I'd had a migraine earlier in the day and was dealing with Headache Hangover), but I think whenever someone was shot, they were eliminated from the game. On second thought, maybe the goal was simply to be the last person standing. I know, great reporting here; I'm very observant.

Naturally the kids loved this game, as it involved a big nerf gun free-for-all. What better way to spend an evening at church than by shooting all your friends?

The foam lightsabers were a big hit. It was utter pandemonium as kids (and adults!) were grabbing whatever lightsabers they could find to smack people with!

The games worked, my husband can now have the stormtroopers play them without worry, and the kids told him they had a great time!

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