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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Evening at the Improv

Last night we went to the Improv in Addison to see the Dorkside Comedy. Steven was there to be a stormtrooper. Steven worked this show several months ago, and had a blast, so he really wanted me with him for this one. I happily obliged.

He worked the crowd before the show while people were eating dinner and enjoying drinks.

There were several comics during the show. I'm pretty sure that this guy is the one I made blush at a sci-fi convention several months ago. His name is Tom Devenport, and he was quite funny.

He also impressed me by saying that he'd hoped to get Eric from Bowling for Soup there that evening to play the ukelele. I told him that I love Bowling for Soup, and he said that he went to high school with them. Unfortunately, Eric couldn't be there. I was really quite disappointed. I'm sure the band would love to know that nearly-middle-aged housewives think they're awesome.

Speaking of awesome, this is Steve Awesome:

He's a dork with a Star Wars backpack and a lightsaber clipped to his belt loop. He was absolutely hilarious. He asked Steven to help him out during his bit. When he made some derogatory comment about Stormtroopers being defeated by Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, Steven was to run up on stage. This was the result:

Then, as Steven was leaving the stage, he fell on the stairs. Well, actually, he couldn't find the stairs because it was dark and he can't see well out of his helmet. The stairs were not where he thought they were, and he landed on his butt. The crowd gasped, then laughed a bit, and Steve Awesome said, "Folks, you can't write this stuff!" Thankfully, neither Steven nor his armor were hurt in the fall. Steven was just glad he didn't hit anyone in the audience as he was falling.

Even though some of the comedy was too crude for my liking, and the club was filled with cigarette smoke (MAJOR migraine trigger for me), I had a great time. The club was fabulous to us, offering us dinner (we'd already eaten), drinks (we don't drink alcohol, but I did accept a cherry Coke), and much gratitude for being there to help out. I'm sure we'll go back for future shows.

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Ann said...

Oh my goodness how FUN! What an adorable picture of you two :) I would have been laughing when he fell on the stairs, especially after his going on stage to defend his fellow stormtroopers after the ewok joke (sorry! it's funny! especially when you think about how clumsy stormtroopers are...remember the one who smacked his head on the archway, haha!)

Anyway, I'm so glad you had a great time, and it was really cool of Ruf to help out with the show!