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Monday, February 18, 2008

Prescription savings

I have acne rosacea (thank you, crud genes!), and it's been acting up pretty badly lately, so I saw the dermatologist last week. She gave me 3 prescriptions, two of which are name-brand only. This could have been very expensive, but I had a few things working for me.

One: The dermatologist gave me a manufacturer's coupon for one of the prescriptions. It was for up to $35-off my co-pay. Since my co-pay for this particular level of name-brand scripts is $50, this was significant.

Two: I had a coupon for a $25 CVS gift card with any new prescription. That's $25 worth of free stuff!

Three: My other name-brand script wasn't in, so I had to come back days later. This worked to my advantage because I could apply that $25 gift card I received with the other prescription towards the $50 co-pay, bringing the cost of my script down to $25. AND I had another coupon for a $25 gift card with a new prescription. (They only accept one per day, so having to wait for this medicine to arrive was advantageous.)

So, what should have cost me $115 (Script 1=$15, Script 2=$50, Script 3=$50) came to only $55 out of my pocket thanks to the $35 coupon and a $25 CVS gift card. PLUS, I now have another $25 gift card to spend on necessities such as soap and shampoo. I am loving CVS!


Ann said...

Ouch that's expensive stuff.

Ewokgirl said...

It really is, but so worth it. I've been toughing it out lately, but finally vanity took over. I couldn't stand the way my face has been looking, so I was willing to pay whatever to look good again.

After I saw the doctor last week, I was so excited and told Steven that my face was going to be pretty again. Smart man said, "Your face is already pretty." I think I'll keep him! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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