Married to the Empire

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Images from Valentine's Day

The strawberry cake I baked to share with our church small group tonight.

The pink and white roses my husband brought home for me. Pink roses are my favorite flower, and I carried a bouquet of pink and white roses in our wedding. Steven even wrapped them in tissue paper and tied them with a pink ribbon himself.

And here's to hoping that Doogie doesn't figure out how to knock over this bud vase.


AnneK said...

I went and read the recipe for strawberry cake and I am going to try that soon. I love strawberries, and I want to try it out. We have some guest coming first week of March and it might be fun to make it for them then. But I will try it out first. Do y'all only eat organic?

And do you think I can halve the recipe and still have it come out ok? The picture looks like too much cake for just the two of us.

Ewokgirl said...

No, we rarely eat organic, actually. That's just how the recipe was written. I used regular old (unbleached) all-purpose flour, sugar, frozen strawberries...

We don't eat organic, but I do believe in cooking from scratch. It took me years to find the right strawberry cake recipe. Most of them either involve boxed mixes or jello. I love this one because it's all fresh ingredients, nothing artificial.

I'm sure the recipe would be fine cut it half. It does make a lot of cake. And I'll warn you that the icing is super sweet. In fact, I cut down on the amount of sugar called for in the icing on yesterday's cake. Unfortunately, I didn't cut down on the other ingredients, so the icing never set up properly, but it was still very good.

Ann said...

That's really sweet! :)

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I love the cake stand you have! :-) And strawberry cake sounds very yummy. I love strawberries.