Married to the Empire

Friday, February 29, 2008

First craft in clean room

I think this may be the epitome of insanity, but the first thing I made in my cleaned-up craft room was a birthday card for a 20-year-old cat! Because today is Leap Day, this cat's owner is throwing an Unusual Party for an Unusual Day. One of the evening's activities will include celebrating her cat's 20th birthday.

This is certainly not one of my better efforts, and it's not even pretty. But, well, it's for a cat. I expect that Fuzzy's standards won't be too high in the birthday-card department. It has "A Very Happy Birthday" stamped inside.


Emerson said...

I have to agree about the insanity part but what fun!!

Ann said...

That is cute! Is your cat actually 20 years old? I didn't know cats live that long. That is great!

Ewokgirl said...

Oh goodness! I wouldn't make a birthday card for my OWN cat! I'm not THAT insane! LOL. No, this cat belongs to a friend. Twenty is old for a cat. Cats do tend to live longer than dogs, so 20 isn't terribly unusual, but it isn't the norm, either.