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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What I've been doing lately

I haven't updated here in a few days. Saturday we were out of the house most of day celebrating various family members' birthdays. Sunday and Monday I was not feeling too well. And I've been busy on the computer, but just not here.

No, what I've been doing is finally putting my entire CD collection into iTunes. Who knew I had so many CDs? Seems like I don't have much music because I listen to the same 10-20 CDs over and over and over. I have my obvious favorites. All those other CDs in my collection? Well, they were either bought in a whole different music phase (like the country collection from college years, never to be listened to again) or they only have 1 or 2 songs worth listening to. And who wants to pop in a CD just to listen to 1 or 2 songs?

For that reason alone, I'm loving iTunes and my iPod. I've downloaded everything into iTunes, but I'm only listening to select things. It's great.

Even better, I was able to get rid of all of this:

These were all the CDs that were purchased, then rarely listened to. I've now cleared some shelf space for the rest of my music collection, and I'm $15 richer, thanks to Half-Price Books. It's not much considering how many CDs I sold to them, but seeing as most of them were quite old (think early to mid-1990s), I think I did rather well.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I got an ipod for my birthday (in December) and I've been having fun with the same thing. I have in the past bought many CDs for only a few songs, only to dislike most of the rest of the songs. :-) I have liked being able to delete those songs that I don't like or never liked. I need to finish uploading all my music into iTunes when I get my new computer. :-)

Ann said...

You did great! I love Half-Price Books. I've got all my cd's on my Zune. It's great, I don't have to haul cd's around anymore, just plug my Zune into the computer or the car or just put the earphones on and carry it in my pocket and I'm good to go. And these days, we can purchase and download entire albums online. I wonder if cd's will phase out in the near future like records and cassettes did?