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Thursday, February 7, 2008

My little hunter

Poor Calvin. Here he was sitting in my lap while I worked on the computer in my craft room, just minding his own business, purring contentedly. Suddenly, some chirping, a tap on the window, and he's up in the window box crouching in predator mode.

A little chickadee was teasing him mercilessly. The little thing would perch on the windowsill, tap the window several times, then fly into the bush right outside the window. After a while, it bored of its game and flew away.

Calvin was left sitting in the window for a very long time. He's always optimistic that his prey will come back to him. This actually reminded me very much of when a squirrel teased him horribly.

On days like this, Calvin wishes more than ever that I would let him be an outdoor cat.

1 comment:

AnneK said...

seeing him in the predator mode, he looks like our neighbor cat Gator.