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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Post-"Drunk Monkey" Video

Five hours after bringing Calvin home, my camera battery was recharged and ready to capture his restlessness. Unfortunately, he's mellowed out a little bit, as he's no longer running in circles. However, he's still incapable of staying still, and the crazed look hasn't left his eyes. He wouldn't stand in one place long enough for me to get a picture of his eyes, though.

Never fear, though. You'll see a small wake of destruction in my little "drunk monkey's" path.

Updated: Steven just watched this and said that he thinks Calvin sobered up too much for my video. In other words, he's not acting crazy enough for this post. But I think the food everywhere and his pacing gives you some idea of how nutty he's been today since being drugged at the vet's.


Ann said...

Poor Calvin hee hee!! What's interesting is that he left the food laying there and didn't gobble it down. But then again, that is something a dog would do. Maybe cats don't keep eating even when they are full like dogs do.

I mentioned in a previous comment that the running in circles reminded me of my 5 year old. I take it back. That's more like Emily, my 14 month old. She is non-stop, kind of like one of those toys that you set down and let it go and when it bumps into a wall or something it just turns and keeps going in another direction. Plus she is forever getting into the garbage, I finally had to put a lock on it.

AnneK said...

Can't see the vdo.

Ewokgirl said...

I think that should take you directly to the YouTube link. Let me know if that doesn't work. Then again, telling me if it doesn't won't accomplish much because I really don't know what I'm doing!

Ann, cats are not like dogs about food. I can leave their food out all day, and they'll just nibble and graze when the mood hits. However, tuna is a whole other situation. ;-)

He finally crashed about 1am last night. It was making me nervous to watch his constant pacing, so it was a relief when he finally stopped to sleep.

Beth said...

Wow, you can leave the bags of cat food out? Whenever I leave my cabinet with the bag of food in it my cat starts chewing on it. Never mind that we keep his dish out and there is always food in it.

It was funny seeing Calvin pace like that, then look up at you and then pace some more. Glad he is feeling better.

Tomorrow we are getting cat #2 - a tonikinese kitten. I think I am more excited than my boys.

Beth said...

I meant to say "whenever I leave my cabinet with the bag of cat food OPEN, my cat starts chewing on it."

I gotta get more sleep...

Ewokgirl said...

Beth, congrats on the new kitten! How exciting!

Yes, we can leave the food bag out. It probably helps that it's not a paper bag, but it's some sort of heavy-duty plastic-y substance. When Calvin was an only kitty and living the bachelor live with my hubby (who was my fiance at the time), he went a little nutso from boredom and broke into the cabinet with his food bag in it. He managed to tear the bag open and spill the food everywhere, but that was when he ate a different brand that had a paper-type bag.

He also nibbled every single cookie in a cookie bouquet that Steven's roommate had received. The roommate was not happy with Calvin, and Calvin had a horrible tummy ache that night!

I really think he was just unbelievably bored back then because he was left home alone all day, and he didn't have much to do. He went a little stir crazy, and even once jumped out of a second-story window that had been left open. (He was leaping onto the balcony several feet away, presumably to catch a bird.) He calmed down a lot once he gained a mommy (me!) and a baby brother (Doogie). Lots of playmates, toys, and stimulation around our house.