Married to the Empire

Monday, February 4, 2008

What I did during the Superbowl

We were blessed to be invited to 3 Superbowl parties, yet we turned down every invitation because we had youth group at church. However, after church on Sunday morning, the youth minister said he wasn't expecting to have more than a couple of kids, so feel free to go to a party. Steven wanted to take him up on that offer, so we hung out with our closest friends.

But as I'm a heretical Texan who doesn't give a flip about football, I brought my newspaper with me to read during the game. Thankfully, my friends are used to me and never mind when I do my own thing when with them.


JunkMale said...

We watched maybe 5 minutes of it, nonchalantly. I haven't cared much about pro football in a long time. The few commercials I saw were either weird or dumb or both.

Now, if it had been a big Georgia Tech game, you could be really certain that we'd be glued to the TV.

Ewokgirl said...

I wasn't impressed by the commercials I saw.

Ann said...

My husband watched part of the game, I wasn't interested at all.

I had a dream last night that my husband and kids were at a potluck in the church social room and I looked over and you and Ruf were sitting at a table! You were knitting and Ruf was just sitting there watching you :) It was pink yarn, by the way. That's all. Then my dream switched to someone bringing me a phone because my grandma had called me. But when I woke up I was bummed because I didn't walk over and say hello to you! heehee :)

Ewokgirl said...

Knitting, huh? That would be, um, a big mess seeing as I don't know how to knit! But the pink yarn would be accurate. ;-)

You know, if you ever find yourself in TX, you'll have to meet up with me!