Married to the Empire

Monday, June 18, 2007

501st Legion at the science museum

I took several pictures of the stormtroopers at the science museum yesterday. Partly, I was trying to capture on film just how popular they are with the crowds. People just love the 501st! When people figure out I'm with Ruf, I almost always get asked by at least one person questions about how much the costumes cost and how do they join? Even though they are bad guys, almost everyone loves a stormtrooper! It still weirds me out, though, to see little kids throw their arms around Darth Vader. He's evil!

People gathered around to get a pic with the stormtrooper:

Tie Fighter Todd and Stormtrooper James:

I tried to get a shot of Darth Vader with the hordes around him. However, the hordes crowded around him so much that I couldn't see him to get a shot! So, I had to to wait for the crowds to clear. All I managed was a shot of a guy doing bunny ears behind Darth Vader Paul's head. So disrespectful of the Dark Lord!

Tie Fighter Todd:

A radio station showed up at the museum. Kris Brunken from KRLD interviewed Ruf:

CW33 had a TV camera there to film the crowds and stormtroopers at the exhibit:

Ruf was in the process of "suiting up," and he couldn't find his other leg bell. He failed to notice that it was already attached to his hip. :-)

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