Married to the Empire

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

London Trip Part 6

This one will be short. Ruf is a geek, and I confess to being a closet geek, which really just means that I consider myself way too cute and preppy to be considered a true geek. ;-) I mean, I was a cheerleader long ago! LOL

The guidebooks, as well as people in the UK Garrison of the 501st Legion (Ruf's stormtrooper group), all said that if you're into sci-fi, you must visit Forbidden Planet. It is a super-cool bookstore/toy store filled with all things sci-fi. We spent a happy hour or so in this place. What I would have given to have all those sets of Doctor Who on DVD!

I took some pictures of Ruf standing outside the store. I still haven't figured out how to take a good picture at night. If I used the flash, it came out blurry. If I didn't use the flash, it was clear but dark. So, I give you one of each. You can actually see the store's name in the blurry picture, but you can see the merchandise in the window more clearly in the dark one.


JunkMale said...

In my limited night-time photography experience, the best method is to use a tripod and a slower shutter speed. However, sometimes it's just a bit too cumbersome to break out the tripod everytime you want to take a picture at night.

If your camera has the option, you might want to try adjusting the "ISO" settings. I believe higher ISO numbers correspond to greater light sensitivity. Also, if the camera has the option, you can adjust the exposure values. My camera lets the user go in increments of 0.5, from +2 (being more light exposure) to -2 (less). I'm not quite sure of the mechanics behind what's going on when you change those, but it can definitely help.

Also, I'm assuming that you use the camera's included software to transfer pictures over to your computer. Most of the time, cameras come with basic editing programs. It's very simple to just crank up the brightness a bit. It's worth a shot, if you have time.

If your camera didn't come with editing software, there's a totally free image viewing program that has extremely easy editing capabilities. I've been using this for a long time, so I'm quite sure it's legit and won't give you viruses.

Ewokgirl said...

I'm sitting here laughing while I read this because all that you're saying to me is like when my husband discusses computer stuff. I don't understand any of it!

I don't know if our camera has editing capabilities or not. I only know how to point and click. Ruf has photoshop or whatever you use to doctor up your photos on his computer, but I have nothing on mine, so I'm having to use a free program that at least allows me to turn my photos the right way up. I need to learn WAY more about photo stuff.

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