Married to the Empire

Monday, June 18, 2007

Star Wars props and models

All pictures were taken at the Fort Worth science museum. All props and models are on loan from LucasFilm and were actually used in the Star Wars movies.

Anakin's prosthetic arm:

Luke's prosthetic arm:


AT-ST aka Chicken Walker:

Star Destroyer:

Blockade Runner:

Jawa Sandcrawler:

Landspeeder model (Obi-Wan looks like a Ken doll in Jedi robes!):


Medical droids:



Interrogation Droid:

Tauntaun model and binoculars:

A model of the slave housing on Tatooine where Anakin lived with his mother:


JunkMale said...

Very good, except that "B-wing" is most certainly not a B-wing. That is either 1) the Tantive IV, or 2) the same class of ship as the Tantive IV a.k.a. blockade runner seen in Episodes III and IV. B-wing looks like a flying cross when the S-foils are locked in attack position. (I have no idea what resemblance an actual B-wing bears to a letter "B")

The ship you have labeled as a blockade runner is rotated 90 degrees. Was the camera turned when the picture was taken?

Ewokgirl said...

Thanks for your comment. I corrected it and completely took out the photo that I'd originally labeled "blocade runner." My husband confirmed that you were right in that it was rotated. Then when I really looked, it was the same ship as the one below it that I'd mislabeled as a b-wing.

Obviously, the Star Wars ships (and guns for that matter) have never been anything I've bothered to care to learn about. I'm far more interested in the costumes, especially Padme's dresses, which of course, were not on display. I'm such a girl!