Married to the Empire

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Did you know?

King Solomon received 25 tons of gold each year. If I did the math correctly, in today's dollars, that would be an annual amount of approximately $523,200,000.

We're going through the Old Testament with our middle school Sunday school class. We're currently studying Solomon. After Ruf went through the list of items Solomon received annually, I decided to calculate the annual cost of just the gold in today's dollars.

No wonder the Jewish Temple was decorated with so much gold! The guy had a lot to go around! It really would have been a wonder to see.

He had so much silver, that it became as common as stones in Jerusalem. Can you imagine?!

And yet, avarice was not his downfall. It was women.

Who says the bible isn't fascinating? (Can you tell I'm taking a break from planning the SS lesson?)

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