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Monday, June 25, 2007

A day of shopping

I had a very busy day of running around and spending money. My sister and BIL have requested some more fajita seasoning from Pendery's World of Spices in Fort Worth. I drove the hour or so there and did some major spice shopping. This store has such an incredible selection of high-quality spices. Their selection of chili powders alone is impressive! In addition to the fajita seasoning, I wound up buying a couple of packages of their Dad's Oven BBQ Rub, a couple of packages of their Chiltomaline (the first chili powder invented by DWC Pendery in the late 1800s), some cumin, two bags of Texas Red Dog (another chili powder thing), some white pepper, some colored sugar, and a bottle of Mexican vanilla. Um, let's just say that I spent a good amount of money. But it's money well spent!

Since I've been working on cleaning up my craft room, I decided to do a little decorating while I was at it. I found some great items at amazing prices. This should be a fun room when I'm done!

I bought most of the items at Hobby Lobby. The three baskets were only $10 all together. The lampshade was $1.99. The embellishments for the lampshade were $3.99. The cute pink hanging lights with "crystals" (I bought 2: one is out and one is still in the box) were only $5.39 each on clearance. The bulletin board was $5.97 at Walmart, and the pink spray paint for it was $3.77. The most expensive thing was the acrylic lamp. That was $14.99 at Target. Also at Target, a couple of bowls on clearance for $1.39 each. I'll put my paper clips and whatnot into them. The lime tumblers were 4/$1.38 on clearance. I'll use one or two for my pens and pencils. I think I came out pretty cheaply considering how much stuff I bought!

And finally, since I had to send that fajita seasoning to London anyway, I decided to stuff the package with a few little goodies for my 4 nieces. Some candy, some gum, some fun stuff for baking with their mom, some patriotic ribbons to wear in their ponytails on the 4th of July, and my copy of The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook. They like Anne, so I figure they'll enjoy cooking with their mom some of the dishes that Anne enjoys in the books and movies.

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