Married to the Empire

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Some actual work today!!!

I'm still at the church office filling in for my friend. Today was so much better than the 2 previous days. Mind-numbingly dull would be the most apt description of the other days I've spent here. Today was a billion times better because I actually had things to do. I kept the minutes at staff meeting this morning, then emailed them out to all who are privy to them. This afternoon I had to run copies of the bulletin, which included figuring out the copy machine, so that ate up some time. And right after our financial secretary left, someone from an insurance company called for her, but it turns out I was the perfect person to give her the information she needed.

Our church property was purchased last year by a Christian school. That school happens to have several 15-passenger vans. We were going to rent 2 15-passenger vans to take our youth to camp next month, but the school happened to offer us the use of their vans. We are in the process of getting insurance for that trip, and the insurance lady needed the names, dates of birth, and driver's license numbers of all the people who will be driving to camp. Our financial secretary has none of that info, but I do because I'm one of those drivers! I gave her my info and Ruf's, then I spent some time on the phone tracking down that info from our other youth leaders who will go on this trip. Then I called the insurance lady back. This ate up a little more time and gave me something interesting to do. This day has flown by compared to the others! But at least it's easy money to help pad our savings account. :-)

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