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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Star Wars Museum Event

Saturday I went to Fort Worth with Ruf and a bunch of the other stormtroopers. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is showing an exhibit called "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination." Saturday was opening day, so the museum had asked the 501st Legion to be there to greet the patrons. It's always fun to watch the stormtroopers greet the kids. Occasionally, they make a kid cry, which I honestly find to be a nice, healthy response considering that they are the bad guys! However, most kids love to shake their hands, hug them, and pose for pictures with them.

I love this picture because these little kids were chatting up a storm with the stormtroopers. Ruf is one of them, but honestly, I'm not sure which one!

A picture of me with Ruf and Fred. I'm hugging Ruf, of course. I'm wearing a t-shirt with a vintage Chewbacca iron-on. I only wear the good guys, even if I am married to one of the bad guys. Pardon the fact that I look kinda fat in this picture!

An amusing photo of one of the stormtroopers posing with one of the dinosaurs outside the museum.

This exhibit holds several of the original movie costumes and props. They're on loan from the LucasFilm archives. This one is an interesting photo of a stormtrooper contemplating his counterpart behind glass:

Tusken Raiders:

The Millennium Falcon:

Wookiees from Episode III (Tarfful on left; Salporin on right):

A model of Kashyyyk, the Wookiees' home planet:

The Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back. It's much smaller than you'd think:

Luke's landspeeder from the first Star Wars film:

The Yoda puppet from the original trilogy and Mace Windu's costume:

There are some serious advantages to being married to a stormtrooper. I got into the museum's exhibit free... twice! Also, I received a discount in the gift shop. I found that out by accident. As the girl was ringing up my purchase, she asked if I was a museum member. I said, "No, but I'm married to one of the stormtroopers. Does that get me anything?" I was totally joking, but lo and behold, it got me a 15% discount, which is even better than the discount the museum members receive!

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Janel said...

Oh sweet! My boys are big Star Wars fans too. They all have brown "Jedi Capes" and plastic light sabres. No Stormtroopers around here though. ;)

Unfortunately, we missed the exhibit in Boston. That's too funny about your gift shop discount.

I really like your "theme" Married to the Empire, but serving God.

Enjoy your weekend!