Married to the Empire

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Some good ol' Southern food

Last night I decided to go very Southern with our dinner. Southern food is my favorite, but I don't typically cook much of it because it's so full of fat, or it has to be fried. No frying last night, but plenty of fat! ;-)

I made chicken sausages (brats and hot Italian), which were supposed to be grilled, but a sudden storm came through, so I had to boil them. Not as good. To accompany the sausages, I made fresh corn on the cob and jalapeno cheese grits. If you've never had jalapeno cheese grits, I highly recommend you try them! The phrase, "To die for!" comes to mind. Here's a link to the recipe I used: Jalapeno Cheese Grits. Good stuff!

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