Married to the Empire

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fun and games

Furry children like to play games just as much as human children do. Calvin is attached to his ratty old leather tassels attached to the end of his fishing pole toy. He likes no other attachments for the fishing pole, and that has caused a problem because Petsmart and Petco no longer carry the leather tassles, and his are falling apart. I finally found some online last week, so we're awaiting the arrival of a package with 3 sets of tassels. He'll be in heaven!

Doogie likes lots of things. He'll happily play with his "mousies," anything attached to the fishing pole, yarn, Yoda (we joke that he's Daddy's little Sith Lord because he only messes with the Rebels in Ruf's Star Wars collection)... Really, he likes everything. But one of his greatest joys is something we've come to call The Sheet Game. It occurs once a week when Mommy (that would be me) changes the sheets on the bed. He thinks it's the most fun thing EVER to get under the sheets when I'm putting them on the bed. Then he attacks. I march my fingers on top of the sheet around the little lump that is Doogie, and he pounces. He gets the biggest kick out of this game for whatever reason, and he'll come flying into the bedroom whenever he hears me changing the sheets.

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