Married to the Empire

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some random thoughts...

First, tomorrow the stormtroopers and one of the R2 builders will be filming for the Gordon Keith Show. I have no idea who this guy is or what his show is like, so I really don't know what to expect. One of the guys listens to his radio program, and he was concerned that they would be made fun of (like Bob Eubanks did while MCing the Rose Bowl Parade). Ruf, as PR officer, got busy contacting Keith, and he was assured that this would not be the case. But the guys are still planning a walk-out if that occurs. I'll be in the studio audience wearing my brand-new 501st Legion t-shirt (Ruf's request). Should make for an interesting afternoon.

Second, I'm fascinated by the show How Clean Is Your House. I've watched it the past couple of days on BBC America at my friends' house while catsitting for them. I am absolutely appalled at how nasty some people let their houses become! But more than that, I'm fascinated that Kim and Aggie can walk into those houses wearing nice clothes and shoes and no face masks! I'm fighting hard to squelch my gag reflex while just watching it on TV! I know I'd be vomiting my guts out if I had to actually experience those places in person! Those ladies either have no sense of smell or stomachs of iron! I just love watching the cleaning transformation!

Third, we spent a good hour or so at Blockbuster last night. Ruf was given a $25 gift card as a thank-you for giving up his entire weekend to work (like he had a choice!). We bought 3 movies. I chose Everything is Illuminated; Sin City and The Day After Tomorrow were Ruf's picks. Buying previously viewed videos are a great way to save on movies you want to own.

Fourth, I just returned a fun little cookbook to the library (because I'd maxed out the renewals!). It's called Grandma's Wartime Kitchen. It has tons of interesting facts and recipes from the days of rationing here in the U.S. during WWII. It's fascinating to read all the creative solutions that women came up with to stretch their limited supplies.

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