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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

London Trip Part 5

I meant to finish up blogging about our Christmas trip to London a while back, but I forgot. So, here's a little more for your reading/viewing pleasure.

We took the obligatory trip to Westminster Abbey, which was really a test of my patience. I do not like crowds, especially big crowds, and the line of tourists for the Abbey was HUGE. I'd been here before. Twice. But this was Ruf's first time in London, so of course, we went. The really cool stuff is inside, but you're not allowed to take pictures in there. Ruf was just astounded that he was looking at crypts holding people (kings and queens!) who were buried up to 800 years ago! Remarkable to me was one of the old crypts (I think it was 13th century, if I remember correctly) that said something to the effect of, "Come, Lord Jesus, quickly." It really hit me that people have been hoping for the Lord's return for centuries. Sometimes we see our fallen world and believe that no one else has seen a world so corrupted by sin, yet every generation thinks theirs is the worst.

These pictures of Westminster Abbey are all of the outside with a few closeups of the architecture. Truly beautiful. Please forgive any blurriness. We're not professional photographers. ;-)

And this last picture is of me. Ruf said he was going to take a picture of me outside Westminster Abbey. Well, he did. You just can't tell that I'm at the Abbey. Ruf is quite the comedian.

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